Shaolin: A Wu-Tang-Inspired Board Game (1st Edition)

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Enter the Shaolin Temple and be the first to create the 36th Chamber in this Wu-Tang-inspired adventure from Chill B Games.

In Shaolin, you are a new student ready to train at the Shaolin Temple. You earn “cream”—a tangible currency symbolizing respect and skill—by demonstrating your knowledge of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Cream enables you to master up to five Fighting Styles. But no student trains in solitude—you will engage in duels against fellow students where Fighting Styles can be won or lost.

Once you are confident in your mastery, you will put your skills to the test against one of the Temple's Five Masters. If you are victorious, you must face the Abbot's final challenge to determine if you are worthy of creating the 36th Chamber.

Features Chinese calligraphy art by Shifu Shi Yan Ming—the founder of the USA Shaolin Temple.

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  • “36 Chambers” game board
    250 Wu-Tang-themed trivia questions
    25 action cards
  • 4 fully-painted warrior pieces
  • Metal “cream” tokens
  • 9 Mahjong-like Fighting Style tokens
  • Easy-to-follow instruction booklet

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