To Answer Some Questions

Between the different blogs that wrote about us, and comments/questions on social media, we noticed some inquiries popping up. Here they are along with our responses.

Will your products sell out if I don't purchase them now?

Hard to say. What we can say is that "The Golden Dragon Rises Collection" is single run. That means that we won't be restocking our products if they sell out.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do indeed ship internationally.

Your products are overpriced.

Well that's one perspective, our perspective is that they are priced in-line with the quality of product and the marketplace. For instance, our Satin Souvenir Jacket features a custom jacquard liner and and ornate back embroidery. Including these two features significantly increased our production cost. Additionally, it's important to note that we classify ourselves as a ready-to-wear menswear brand, as opposed to a company making band merch.

Your designs are great.

Thanks. Hats off to our creative director Chapin Atchison.

Can I submit designs?

Give us a few months to get organized, and then, sure, why not?

Is your company vegan?

Our company does not use any animal leather. In 2016, however, we do use wool. In 2017 we will transition to a fully vegan company.

Is this an update version of Wu Wear?

Our company has no affiliation with Wu Wear. This is an entirely new entity.

Where else can I buy your products?

We will have pop up shops in select cities in December.