The Connection Between Veganism and Sustainability

Sustainability is quickly becoming the one of the most important movements of our time. Somehow along the lines, we as humans have forgotten our place on the planet as a keystone species that stands to hold all of the pieces together in harmony and act as a steward and protector. In sum, we have forgotten our connection to nature and this is our biggest existential threat.  

Stemming from this, sustainability is a simple choice. It is really a word that means the maintenance of the balance of life. However, the current definition in business circles is a term that is used to describe the business programs, products, and practices built around environmental and social considerations”.Sustainability is not merely a consideration but an embodied action and operating principle that requires a focused implementation process in every single business. When done correctly, sustainability will truly create transformative change and add to the bottom line of the business. It is a win-win.  
In direct relation to this and our mission at 36 Chambers, we focus on sustainability pertaining to ourtreatment of animals and the sourcing of our products. 36 Chambers operates according to the Brundtland Commission’s definition of sustainability which is, “sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
As for the consumer, our empowered actions can manifest in two choices. One choice is the harmonious one, which is to protect and preserve the planet we are on and to support those organizations with the power of our dollar and energy who are honoring that commitment to sustainability and regenerative business with their organizational choices. Two, is to be led through our excessive consumption habits and conditioned values into a place that will inevitably, and already is, disrupt the natural cycles of the planet. It is really that simple.
An example of how this can play out in real life is, instead of buying furs or leather we can find alternative materials that don’t harm animals, like pineapple leather, cactus leather or mushroom leather. We have the choice to protect these animals lives. We have the choice and responsibility as humans to care for this planet and the beings on it. By actively choosing to not support businesses who kill animals for products, we are making a difference environmentally and morally, one life at a time.
For these reasons and more, 36 Chambers only strives to only use high quality vegan materials and organic fabrics for their clothes and lifestyle products. We are committed to honoring the animals and our fellow humans by beginning to focus our energy on becoming a completely sustainable and regenerative brand who will assist in leading the way for conscious business as the way of the future. Our lives literally depend on it.
36 Chambers