Sway In The Morning

We had the pleasure of linking up with Sway right before Christmas. Sway and RZA go way back to when Wu-Tang Clan was first getting going in the mid 90's and have maintained a friendship since then.

As the story goes, Wu-Tang Clan was out in the Bay Area for a show at Club Mirage in 1992 or 1993 (their memories are a bit hazy), and the show wasn't that popping. After the show RZA asked who was in charge, and he was pointed in King Tech's direction. King Tech told him, if you really wanted to get things going in the California, you got to come out here.

Two months later, all of Wu-Tang Clan actually came out to the Bay Area and stayed in town for a month. While they were in town, King Tech and Sway constantly plugged them on "The Wake Up Show," which aired on KMEL. 20 some odd years later, RZA, Sway and King Tech are still friends and work on various projects together.

Yo Sway, next time I come out and link with you, you better be ready for me to drop a 5 Fingers of Death freestyle on your XM show. I imagine the clip on YouTube will be titled, "Poser Rapper Drops Worst Freestyle Ever," but think of the view count.

Take a look at Sway's picks: Waterproof Cordura Duffel Gym Bag, Heathered Crewneck Sweater and the Velour Mandarin Blazer.