Happy Birthday RZA

July 5th marks our co-founder's birthday. RZA created the Wu Philosophy roughly 25 years ago by pulling together various influences from his life: kung fu movies, Supreme mathematics, comic books and Chinese art.

From that jumping off point, Wu-Tang Clan became a dominating force in hip hop; chart topping albums created both as a group and by individuals members were released throughout the 90's. Check out the AV Club's write up on how Wu-Tang Clan achieved immortality through RZA's prodigious output of beats.

Today the Wu Philosophy is still present. It forms the basis of 36 Chambers and can be seen in our latest collection that combines the Wu-Tang logo with traditional Chinese seals.

To honor RZA, we thought we'd make a playlist using his songs that we bump at 36 Chambers HQ. Be sure to let us know in the comments what songs of his you enjoy most.

And to you Bobby Digital, we hope you enjoy your day. We promise we won't send you any artwork for approval for Spring/Summer 2018 (but seriously, we need to start sampling soon).

Soul Power (Black Jungle) (producer)

CPU (featured artist)

B.O.B.B.Y. (producer and artist)

1-800 Suicide (artist)

So Appalled (featured artist)