36 Chambers Factory Tour

We had the opportunity to go check out the main factory that we use in Sialkot, Pakistan. We were there to make sure everything went smoothly with the first production batch and to start working on the 2017 collection. In the pictures below you can see different stages of production.

Overall we were pretty happy to note good working conditions. When people envision a factory in Asia, they often make the assumption that there are a bunch of 14 year old kids toiling away in dirty conditions. The reality (for our factory at least) is that it's a bunch of middle-aged men at sewing machines.

Some other observations:

  • There's a lunch break from 1-2pm
  • No child labor present
  • Standard working days there are Monday through Saturday

If you have any other questions about our factory or production process, drop us a line at support@36chambers.com.