36 Chambers Collaborates with Embassy of Bricks and Logs on a Sustainable Down Puffer Jacket in Partnership with PETA

Press Release:

36 Chambers, an ethical fashion & lifestyle brand introduces a premium, lightweight puffer jacket made of filling from 100% recycled PET plastic waste collected globally from oceans. The Flying Guillotine Puffer Jacket is inspired by 90’s hip-hop culture and an ancient Chinese weapon, a flying guillotine that is fabled to have been used by Emperor Yongzheng during the imperial Qing dynasty. Mixing a chain with a blade-hat like contraption, the legendary flying guillotine has been featured in various kung fu genre films and television series.

Designed in collaboration with ethical streetwear brand Embassy of Bricks and Logs, the recycled polyester interior lining of the Flying Guillotine Puffer Jacket features a gold chain link pattern modeled after the fabled flying guillotine weapon. On the exterior back of the jacket at the neck it reads, “Our Heads No Longer Belong To Us."

36 Chambers continues to create apparel that is uniquely sustainable and cruelty-
free. Through their ongoing relationship with PETA, 36 Chambers is able to expand the vegan lifestyle into hip-hop’s ever changing culture. "As we evolve as a people through technology and ingenuity, we have the ability through humane ways to fashion garments that not only serve our purpose but also more importantly abandon the unnecessary cruelty to animals," RZA explains.

Unlike traditional down outerwear, the Flying Guillotine Puffer is free of animal products and is made of recycled materials. "Every purchase of this cozy, stylish, cruelty-free coat will help spare gentle ducks and geese the agony they experience when their feathers are torn from their body and they are slaughtered and will bring PETA one step closer to shutting down the cruel down industry," says PETA Executive Vice President TracyReiman. "Today's shoppers want their purchases to reflect their values—and the Flying Guillotine Puffer Jacket is the perfect way to stay warm this winter while still being kind to animals and the planet."

Together Embassy of Bricks and Logs and 36 Chambers are making a conscious stand against fast fashion practices as well as giving back to an important cause, 15% of profits will be donated to PETA in efforts to continue their advocacy work for animal rights.